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The Pros of Using a Good Media Buying Software Platform

In the past decade, if you work in the media industry, you need to send your insertion orders using Excel, save them by folder on your computer, and fax each of them to the stations. Fax was then used to confirm the orders. However, the representative who may have scanned it most likely just emailed back. Back in the days, the main line of communication was via the phone. It would be all up to the buyers to have everything sent to them organized. In the past five years or so, if you need to buy print, there is another protocol that is being followed. Well, the insertion orders still have to be done using a Word template where they will be printed and then faxed yet gain to each station. Get more info about Media Buying Software Platforms at Each of these orders will then be fastened according to a folder and then piled up. They will later on be used to bill at the end of the month. Just think about losing these files if this is done now!

Fortunately, with media buying software platform, this is no longer the case. This is basically a web-based system that is mostly user-friendly, very much detailed, and offers a wide range of features. There are a lot of benefits to using this kind of platform now. For starters, it is most effective at keeping all of your data well organized. In addition, all your orders can also be found in one place that you can easily access anywhere you may be. Learn more about Media Buying Software Platforms at
BluHorn. Furthermore, your billing process is already streamlined.

If you are still used to buying media the conventional way, it might be because you are not yet well aware that media buying software platform exists. Aside from that, it might be that you have this idea that you can never afford it. Even so, there are actually a number of media buying software platform options that you can choose from. There are less expensive ones that come with basic features that you can use to be able to save both of your time and money in the future. Some of the most common reasons for securing your own media buying software platform include its ability to keep all of your insertion orders in one place that you can access at just about any location. Valuable information such as contacts, stations, and rates are also easily stored for faster reference. Furthermore, your accounting division can easily pull out your billing information just straight from your own media plan software. Learn more from

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